The Metropolitan Room


On November 17th, I will make my debut at The Metropolitan Room in New York with my latest show aptly called Songs for the Open Road.

Even though I’ve done it a dozen times before, it always feels like it’s a dream come true and that I’m the luckiest woman alive. Ten years ago, I made the decision to reclaim my passion for music and performing. I knew I was more than an organizational change expert and “someone who used to sing.” To get back to me, I did what I had been doing in my “day job” — develop a plan, find the best people for my team, and get to work!

I found a vocal coach and started vocal boot camp. I had to blow the dust off my vocal chords with regular, challenging workouts.

I found an expert in the American Song Book and spent hours learning new songs, learning about the composers and lyricists, their stories, their partner collaborators, how the music influenced their lives and their lives influenced their music.

Next I had to find my “tribe” — those people I could learn from, share with, and collaborate with, feel supported by and who I could support in a new musical professional community. I already knew how to do a lot of those things in my “other life” as a corporate consultant, but there were still things I needed to learn to reclaim this passion and make it the meaningful part of my life that I wanted it to be. Reclaiming my passion changed my life forever.

“Interesting Changes,” you will go through many changes while you reclaim your passion so this song is very appropriate. I invite you to join me on your own personal journey!!

Want to reclaim your passion?

Begin to pay attention to the things you do that bring you natural joy and energize you. Even if you think about those things as “in your past,” pay attention. They are speaking to you today!

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