New groups starting soon.

Email Chick Morgan at or call (512) 722-3620 for further details and to set up a conversation to determine which program is right for you.

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THE LIVING IN THE CODA COACHING COMMUNITYMonthlyMP3 download on a topic important to you and your journey about Living the Coda Stage of Life. Join the Community at any time starting any month as each month is it’s own topic.
CADENCE COACHING COHORT 12-month coaching community 60 minute coaching call, twice a monthExplore practical tools and strategies, issues, concerns, and challenges that are critical to you as you begin to fashion your "What's Next?"
"Master Cadence Coaching Class" approachDiscuss strategies and tools for 30 minutes of each call. The remaining 30 minutes will be a live coaching call and give you an opportunity to go deeper into your personal journey.
Cover the “experience” side of Reconnecting Who You Are to What You Want to DoThis approach covers tools and the technical side, but also how to engage your spouse or family in meaningful support of your quest? How to think about the financial side of what you are launching? What is the fear all about and how do we productively use it instead of run from it? And while one of you is working live with me, everyone else in the community will be learning from YOU!
THE JAZZ ROOM: Cadence to Clarity. One year 2 Live Group Calls a Month In addition to working with Dr. Morgan you will hear from ocassional special guests who will inspire and motivate.
2 Live Q&A Calls a MonthEvery person is different so this forum gives you the opportunity to figure out what it all means specifically for you and your destination.
A 45 minute individual coaching call each month with Dr. Eileen S. MorganHere’s your chance to take what you learn in the group calls and ask Dr. Morgan how it applies to your personal situation: one on one.
MP3 downloads of all calls for your permanent Living in the Coda Resource Library The MP3 downloads give you a tremendous opportunity to re-visit each session at your convenience; giving you extra time to think about how Dr. Morgan’s experience applies to you.
A 2-day Group Retreat EventMid-way through your 12-month journey you will meet your fellow travelers and engage in an intensive collaboration to deepen your experience with your Jazz Room Community and catapault you forward in Reconnecting Who You Are to What You Want to Do!