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Walk Me

Walk Me. Those magic words from childhood held an unseen but clearly felt, full of meaning, shared relationship and often – unknown potential.

Early on it was “walk me” – to the corner to catch the school bus, to my babysitting job two blocks away, or “walk me home from school,” “walk me while I go to the drugstore for mom.”

In high school, running into a girlfriend in the hallway, it was “walk me to my next class,” or from a boy who was in interested in making a plan – “can I walk you?”

There was always an implied intimacy – ultimate shorthand that communicated, “I am not ready for this conversation to end,” or “I have more I want to share with you or hear from you. Tell me,” or increasingly as we get older, “I am here for you.”

Over the years those quickly evolved to include unpeeling the onions of job and professional challenges, our hopes and aspirations for children, “children of affection” (that wonderful heart true phrase coined by my friend Karen K.), and most recently the bewilderments, complexities, and heavy heartedness of dealing with elderly parents.

It is this spirit of “Walk Me” that I offer to you as you begin or continue your journey of exploration of purpose in our business and life. It is this spirit of encouragement – walking with – that I have always discovered my path. One definition of encouragement is “support that inspires confidence” and that is my pledge to you. To inspire confidence with a road map, practical tools, and space to try, move forward and then try again.

In the spirit of Walk Me, we can make this next stage of your life
aligned with who you already are.

Living in the Coda coaching and personal and business development pathways are based on this fundamental value and born through personal experience and affirmed by many years of working with individuals just like you. Let’s start walking today!


Choose the path that’s right for you

Join me on a monthly half-hour teleseminar to get your walking shoes ready in the LITC Coaching Cohort.

  1. Join one of my LITC Mastermind Communities.
  2. Take a bigger step and longer walk if you are ready to take your business or dream to the next level with a Cadence Coaching Group monthly group coaching call and live group Q&A.
  3. Join me on the ultimate journey to Reconnect Who You Are to What You’re Meant to Do and come with me to The Jazz Room – a year long journey with a small group of dedicated, jazzed up, and raring to go individuals who want to learn, encourage each other with support that Inspires confidence, in an Jazz Room that challenges you and inspires you.